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This site is devoted to theological and philosophical investigations of the spiritual meanings of life, current events, music, spiritual growth, nature, and learning to be attuned to listening to the 'language of God.' The name of this blog comes from one of Jonathan Edwards's journals which he called 'Shadows of Divine Things,' and later renamed 'Images of Divine Things.' As a Christian I am continously on a spiritual journey to grow more into the image of Christ, to understand what it means to be crucified with Christ. To seek the truths of the Christian Faith is of upmost importance, and to know that any truths that are found outside of Christianity are present there because they ultimately point to God. I have an M.A. in theology and apologetics and I completed one year of graduate studies in Philosophy at Marquette University.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Crossing the Tiber

I was told some very interesting news over the weekend. My seminary ethics professor, Frank Beckwith, has apparently converted back to Roman Catholicism. I say "back" because he was apparently raised Roman Catholic. While this news does surprise me to a certain degree, I can't help but think, based on the little bit of time I have spent with Dr. Beckwith, that he has spent years thoroughly thinking through this decision.

Dr. Beckwith posted his decision on his blog on May 5th, 2007. I am somewhat saddened by some of the comments that certain evangelicals have made regarding Beckwith's conversion back to the Roman Church. Some of these comments are downright rude and unnecessary, shame on you who call yourself Christian but yet can slander a fellow believer.
Because of his popularity in Evangelical circles, I am certain that this news is going to rattle a few and severely upset many in those same circles. I for one pray that God be with Dr. Beckwith and his family as he makes this transition.

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Blogger Tiber Jumper said...

You are a gentleman to make such a kind post.God bless you

9:44 PM, May 14, 2007  
Blogger T.B. Vick said...

Tiber Jump,

Thank you.

9:25 PM, May 15, 2007  

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